Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover
Ambie™ Cover

Ambie™ Cover

"These fit PERFECTLY and now I dont have to stress about airpods falling out on my runs!"
 Adrian D, USA.

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🏃‍♂️ Stay aware of your surroundings on your runs.
💦 Water and sweat resistant.
🤸‍♀️ Designed to fit perfectly on your ear all day long.
🏆 6 Month Warranty.
🎨 Customize your Ambie with 11 different colors after purchase!


Free Shipping Over $50 USD | 30 Day Return

Rock your Ambie™ in STYLE! Choose from a wide selection of colors to match any outfit! 

🎨10 colors to choose from.

🧵 Stylish matte finish.

🦾 Protects your Ambie™ from scratches.


*Note* - Color of your main Ambie™ will still be your choice at checkout.

Free shipping for a limited time only!

✔ 1-2 business days order fulfillment

✔ Average shipping 5-10 business days

✔ 30 day return policy

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Beautiful sounds created by vibrations🔊

The Ambie™ uses the newest bone conduction technique developed by NeroLabs to bring you audio quality that are better than anything else on the market.

Perfect for runners.

Being aware of your surroundings outdoor is a necessity. Ambie™ don’t seal around the ear canal, they allow you to hear other pedestrians, passing cars, and potential hazards.

Stand out from the crowd.

Designed by Japanese legend Yohji Yamamoto, the Ambie™ brings a breath of fresh air to any outfit. No more boring and overpriced airpods, these are the earbuds you've been waiting for.

Take them in the shower💦

The Ambie™ is specifically designed for shower use! Go ahead and take an extra-long shower, our earbuds are ready to party!

one size fits all
Designed for comfort.

Weighing only 4.2g per ear, the Ambie™ sits perfectly on ears of all sizes. You won't even feel it's there!

Changed the lives of 74,300+ people

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Unlike regular headphones and earbuds that make your eardrums vibrate, bone conduction headphones send vibrations straight to your inner ear.

Nope, these earbuds are made to stay securely on the outside of your ear, so they won't come off easily. Because of their lightweight design, there is NO uncomfort caused by prolonged usage.

Yes! You can use our earbuds one ear at a time, each earbud is individually equipped with Nero Bluetooth 5.3 Chip, so they will function on their own similar to other popular earphones such as the AirPods.

Yes! the Ambie™ can connect to any device with bluetooth capabilities.

We have a 30-day Money-back guarantee! this means, if you are not happy with the product, send it back to us and we will give you a full refund.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality of products, therefore if you have recieved what you believe is a faulty product, please get in contact with us at

We will be in contact with you asap to address the issue. Please see our Return Policy for more information.